I'm a Creative Director with over 10 years of experience working with brands like AT&T, Delta Air Lines, Bridgestone, BellSouth, REI, ING, Embassy Suites, Toon Disney, The N Channel and more. I began my career in interactive design and motion graphics, creating experiences in Flash, After Effects, and 3D, and now lead creative direction and strategy for digital experiences at Razorfish. This just after a 3-year stint at world-renowned creative shop BBDO.

If I'm not at work you'll likely find me somewhere in the middle of nowhere, if you find me at all. Other things I did before I found my passion: college instructor, graduate student in Psychology, Emergency Room assistant, BBQ restaurant manager, and a few others. I've got stories.

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The New Delta.com from Toby Past on Vimeo.

Razorfish was invited to pitch a new, retail-centric experience for Delta Air Lines, to completely reimagine what their site experience could be and, in the process, create new territories for their business to grow.

Over the course of two years, we worked hand-in-hand with senior leadership to create a shared vision for the new Delta Air Lines in digital, and the resulting new site, suite of mobile and tablet-based apps, and various touch experiences have helped to establish Delta as the industry leader in digital integration across the globe.

REI asked for a new way to get people excited about the upcoming Snowsports season, something different. So we said, why not commission 10 up-and-coming bands, like Eagles of Death Metal, The Apples in Stereo, Robbers on High Street, The Rentals, and more, to do original songs inspired by snowsports, make music videos and cool wallpapers, and put it all in a cool Papervision 3D interface.....oh yeah, and they're all FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

Check out the case study below.

Update: 2009 Addy Award winner - Interactive Campaign

Delta - "Touch the Future of Travel" from Toby Past on Vimeo.

Challenge: Create an engaging experience that immerses VIP guests in the Delta brand, builds brand preference, and gets them excited about flying Delta.

Truth: Travelers get excited about where they're going, not how they're getting there. They also like to feel savvy.

Idea: Let's make it exciting for our best customers to dive into beautiful destinations, learn about them in a fun, memorable way, and get excited about traveling.

Experience: We created a personalized way to discover new destinations, with curated content from around the globe and fantastic vistas from exotic locations.

The whole world literally becomes a playground of photos and phrases, connecting you with a host of destination recommendations. In each lush destination you find intriguing factoids, quotes, photos and video. Each time you add new phrases, more recommendations appear.

When you’re done exploring, just scan a QR code and all the destinations you visited are delivered to your smartphone for reminiscing or booking. You can share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare.

For REI's Spring Cycling campaign, we produced a video story called "The Cycle", which features three heroes going through their daily routine, sharing the same bike as they get things done in a fun way. At key points in their journey, a lower-third overlay featuring products they were using would pop-up and give viewers the chance to learn more about them.

REI The Cycle from Toby Past on Vimeo.

The video was featured on REI's new brand channel on YouTube, as well as rich media banners around the web.

Update: 2010 Addy Award winner - Interactive Campaign

I helped lead the creation of the ING Your Number campaign, a multi-channel campaign built around the idea that we all have a number we need to hit to retire comfortably, and ING can help make that easier.

Both of the actors have interesting backstories; one was on NYPD Blue and the other has a very famous Hollywood dad. See if you can guess who.

Update: this campaign won 3 MIXX Awards from the IAB in New York, the second most awards at the show.

Update 2: 2009 Gold Addy Award winner - Interactive Campaign

Update 3: 2010 Effie Award winner
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